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Aveiro’s District is a privileged geostrategic location in the center of Portugal. Because its territory of 2,808 km2 is located in the central coast of the country, between the two main portuguese metropolitan regions (Porto and Lisbon).

Aveiro has a very good accessibility and transport insfrastructures that atracts investors from all over the world. It is possible to circulate to any destination in the county or abroad by rail, sea, air, road, pedestrian, and cycling, as well as rapid inter-regional and international travel.

Aveiro presents a great offer of solutions for business development and installation and a qualified workforce in the region.

Aveiro has a Gross National Product  (GNP) per capita above the national average (7109 million in 2020) as well as a very good education rate and 66% of the population is on working age.

In 2021 Aveiro’s District recorded an increase in exports and the number of new companies in the region is increasing with a strong predominance of manufacturing and wholesale trade sectors. Also, the presence of multinational companies creates a very dynamic environment for the region.

Aveiro is becoming a high tech destination with a strong investment in research and development (354 unities of R&D and expenses are 2,45% of the region’s GDP).

Aveiro is a great opportunity for companies worldwide and the region is interested in internationalization of small and medium-sized companies through digital channels with ADE project.

The project is also promoting the region’s goods and services and doing prospection in some interesting markets.

Soon the Guide to support the international investor will be available.


International Investor Guide in ENGLISH language : shortened version | long version

International Investor Guide in JANPONESE language : shortened version 

Guia de apoio ao investidor internacional | visualize aqui:  versão resumida | versão longa